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EFS Sensor Head Torch

The EFS Sensor Head Torch is the perfect head torch for any situation. From night fishing, hunting, camping, reading, working on cars or tractors - the scope for this torch is endless.

The Sensor Head Torch is rechargeable via USB & the motion activated sensor allows the ease of turning light on and off while hands are dirty. Plus has a 60-degree adjustment.

Remove the torch strap from the torch and this item can be attached to any metal surface with its strong magnetic base.


Run Time: up to 3.5 hours
3 Modes:
Mode1 - 300 LM - 3Hr
Mode 2 - 250 LM - 3.5 Hr
Mode 3 - 480 LM - 1.5 Hr
Charging Time: 3h (with USB)
Charging Cable: 1m length included
Max Output: 5 V DC 1 A
Battery: Lithum battery
Weight: 100g
Headband: 12-22cm

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