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Introducing the EFS Quick Release Ratchet Rope Tie Downs! These tie downs are the hassle-free solution for securing your load with ease and confidence. Made for visibility, these reflective orange ropes offer a swift and efficient way to secure your load without the fuss of complicated knots. Simply attach each end, pull the rope, and watch it tighten securely – quicker than traditional ratchet straps, minus the hassle of entangled straps.
Crafted for versatility, durability, and strength, the EFS Quick Release Ratchet Rope Tie Downs are perfect for various applications, including camping, boating, and securing Awning. Constructed from high-quality materials, these tie downs endure the toughest conditions. The heavy-duty, weather-resistant polypropylene ropes and rust-resistant steel ratchet handles ensure unwavering strength and reliability.
The ratchet design allows easy tension adjustment, guaranteeing a stable and secure load. Ergonomically designed handles ensure comfortable use, even with gloves. Equipped with a built-in release mechanism, these tie downs allow quick and effortless loosening or removal when unloading.
Each set contains two tie downs with tough hooks on both ends for a secure attachment to any cargo. With a maximum extension length of 5m, they’re perfect for securing larger loads.
In summary, EFS Quick Release Ratchet Rope Tie Downs offer durability, ease of use, and maximum strength for transporting or securing loads in any condition. These tie downs guarantee stability and security. Get your hands on these for your next road trip, or everyday tasks.
Key Features:
  • Contains 2 straps
  • 5m length reflective
  • 6mm nylon cord
  • 2 plastic coated steel hooks approx 70Kg load
  • Auto lock mechanism
  • Push-button release
  • No knots needed
  • Ideal for various uses such as hanging items, securing awnings, or tying down camping gear

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